The Network of Environmental Information Systems (ARSIE) is a non profit association created in May 1999. 

It is an animation and concertation structure for organizations and resource persons having or using information in relation to environment


What are the ARSIE Objectives ?

Facilitate and dynamize the circulation of information and reliable data concerning environment in Madagascar.
Contribute to an enlarged vision of environmental issues , that is coherent with the requirements of sustainable development.
Gather organizations and resource persons who produce, have or use information in relation to environment.
Develop strategies of networking of SIR (systems of environmental information).
Make people aware of what is available in Madagascar in terms of data, competence and experiences in the field of environment.

What are the ARSIE's activities ?

Technical activities

Production and diffusion of metadata of the members .
Diagnosis, data acquisition in a standard form, consolidation and catalogue of metadata existing in the institutions .
Members training for the use of the WinIsis software.
Expertise offer as regards metadata in various national or international projects :
- Informational updating with Mediaterre
- RAIN (network of associations for agricultural information)
- In situ Conservation of crop wild relatives
Implementation of a conceptual model of information exchange between ARSIE and the two regions (2 pilot sites, in the Menabe and the Mangoro-Alaotra regions).

Communication activities

Writing and editing of a quaterly connection bulletin : the FEHY
Organizations of exhibitions with conferences -debate.

Judicial activities

Support to the implementation of the management policy of information within the member institutions .

What is the structural organization of ARSIE ?

The General Meeting is the supreme body of the Association. It is composed of all the members of the association. It decides on the strategic orientations and the annual work plan of ARSIE.
The Executive Office (EO) elected by the ordinary general meeting coordinates the different activities of the association. It directs the activities of the commissions and the permanent office. It sees (to it) that the activities adopted during General Meeting are carried out.
The Permanent Office (PO) ensures the implementation, the follow up of the activities of the association. It also ensures administrative management of it.
Five committees (communication, legal, technical, training, administrative and financial) regularly meet, and advise the EO according to their competences .


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